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Immigration Under the Trump Administration

– US Supreme Court Lets DACA Program Continue

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Inmigración Bajo la Administración de Trump

– Corte Suprema de los EE.UU. permite que DACA continúe

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Immigration rules for employers and their international student employees can be confusing and have changed recently. Here is some helpful information for employers recruiting international students. 

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Visas for International Business Owners

Many visas available for international business owners are restricted by the owners’ nationality or the amount of money invested. However, the L-1A visa does not have these limitations, and is a good way to transfer multinational executives and managers into the U.S. The L-1A is also a helpful visa for international businesses hoping to expand into the US since it can be used to transfer manager and executive employees to either a new or existing business.

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H-1B Fiscal Year 2016 – What Are The Odds?

Each year, the date of April 1st is hotly anticipated by immigration attorneys and our clients due to the rush to submit applications for H-1B visas.

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H-4 Holders Can Apply for Work Permits Starting May 26

Beginning on May 26, 2015, new rule changes will allow many in H-4 visa status to file for a work permit. H-4 visa holders are the spouses and children of employees in the U.S. on an H-1B visa (a temporary visa for professional and high skilled workers).  H-4 status does not bestow work authorization, which has resulted in personal and economic hardship for many foreign nationals who are often as highly skilled and educated as their H-1B spouses.

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