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Immigration Under the Trump Administration

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Inmigración Bajo la Administración de Trump

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Antonini & Cohen Partner Nisha Karnani Published in Khabar Magazine

Immigration attorneys Nisha Karnani and Monica Khant co-wrote an article for the April Khabar magazine entitled “Immigration Ground Zero.” In the article, Nisha and Monica describe the confusion, emotion, and outpouring of legal and community support at Atlanta’s Hartsfield Jackson Airport on the day after President Trump signed the first travel ban. Seniors, families, and others were being detained, including those with green cards, families, homes, and jobs in the U.S. It took intervention from Congressmen John Lewis and Hank Johnson to finally secure their release. And that was only one day at one location.

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As Nisha and Monica mention, we can’t wait on the sidelines. The article lists several ways that you can speak out against our outdated and unjust laws and policies and get involved with organizations that help immigrants, such as Raksha or GAIN. Please click here to read the full article.