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Immigration Under the Trump Administration

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Inmigración Bajo la Administración de Trump

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The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) this week released two memos implementing the President’s Executive Orders on immigration enforcement. Click here to view the memos.

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The election of President Donald Trump is not a referendum on immigration despite efforts to characterize it so. The American public overwhelmingly supports continued immigration as well as updating our immigration system.

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Carolina Antonini CNN Interview

Immigration law attorney Carolina Antonini was recently interviewed by CNN's Zain Asher about the fears and challenges faced by her clients. Click here to watch Carolina's interview.

In light of the recent ICE operations in the Atlanta area, Antonini & Cohen offer some helpful tips


If ICE comes to the door:

  • DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR unless ICE has a valid warrant. Ask if they have a warrant and to slide the warrant under the door. The warrant must be signed by a judge. Do not run. Call your attorney if you have one. If the warrant is valid, open the door, exit and close the door behind you to protect the other house residents. Do not resist arrest.
  • DO NOT SIGN any documents that you do not understand. Insist that you will fight your case, will have a lawyer and wish to see a Judge. Do not agree to self-deport.
  • DO NOT SPEAK or say anything except your name, if you have immigration documents, if you have a case pending or an immigration attorney representing you. Do Not lie. Be respectful.
  • TAKE INFORMATION regarding the event, name of officer, badge number. Video tape or record the incident if you can.

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