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Immigration Under the Trump Administration

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Inmigración Bajo la Administración de Trump

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The immigration law attorneys at Antonini & Cohen are experienced in advising lawful permanent residents who forgot to renew their green card, are planning extended trips abroad, or need to avoid green card abandonment

First of all, don't panic. This question comes up frequently, and everyone wants to know what it means if you didn't renew your 10-year permanent resident card before the expiration date. The short answer is that just because your proof of permanent residency expired, it does not mean that your permanent resident status was terminated. So, it is possible to apply for a new permanent resident card even if your card has expired.

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On July 15, 2012, President Obama signed an executive order to provide employment authorization and permission to stay to certain foreign nationals who entered the USA as minors

On July 15, 2012, President Obama signed an executive order to provide employment authorization and permission to stay for certain foreign nationals who entered the USA as minors. This order is known as "DACA" or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.

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The good thing about filing a mandamus action in these circumstances is that it quickly gets the attention of the USCIS

We often see people who were interviewed for their naturalization application months ago but have yet to receive a decision. The wait can be maddening, but there is a solution if you were interviewed at least 120 days ago and have not received a decision.

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At Antonini & Cohen, we have helped many asylum applicants seek safe haven in the US. If you fear harm in your home country, contact us to review your situation and allow us to help you decide whether you should file an asylum application. To schedule a consultation today, please call 404.850.9394

Is filing for asylum in the US right for you?

You will need to determine whether US asylum laws will protect you from the types of harm you fear and the reasons you could be harmed. Asylum protects those who are unwilling or unable to return to their home country because they have been persecuted (or fear they will be persecuted) due to their race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion.

Persecution is a difficult term to define. A threat to life or freedom is usually considered persecution but discrimination and harassment are usually not. Examples of persecution include confinement, torture, rape, sexual assault, forced abortion, female genital mutilation, beatings, kidnapping, inability to earn an income, and being forbidden to practice your religion.

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