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Immigration Under the Trump Administration

– US Supreme Court Lets DACA Program Continue

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Inmigración Bajo la Administración de Trump

– Corte Suprema de los EE.UU. permite que DACA continúe

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Deportation Defense Attorneys

At Antonini & Cohen, we strongly recommend that any individual facing removal proceedings immediately seek representation from an experienced immigration attorney. Removal proceedings carry potentially profound and severe consequences if defended unsuccessfully. Families can be separated permanently. Family members raised in the US may be forced to leave with their deported spouse, parent or sibling for an unfamiliar country that they have no knowledge of. The deported foreign national may also be barred from ever returning to the US.

What is involved in deportation defense?

Removal proceedings require specialized knowledge of important court decisions in several different federal court systems along with the interpretation of immigration laws, statutes, regulations and policy. Learn more about deportation and how we can help by visiting the following pages:

The attorneys at Antonini and Cohen have been handling removal cases for the last two decades. We bring our wealth of deportation defense experience and knowledge along with personal concern to every removal case our office takes on.

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"I had nothing but a great experience with Antonini & Cohen. When I was 18 years old, I made the mistake of committing a theft crime, this mistake came to haunt me during the immigration process and I faced deportation from the US, it was a difficult time for me and my family.When I made the call to Antonini & Cohen to handle my case, I knew that I was in good hands from my first consultation. Marshal and his team was extremely professional, knowledgeable and caring. They understood that sometimes, good people make mistakes. During the entire process I felt that I had someone by my side that cared about my case.

Last month, I received my Permanent Resident Status, thanks to Marshall and his incredible team.”

-T Hassan

  • I was denied a green card and my working permit was canceled too. It was a matter of time before my family collapsed and Marshall Cohen stood up and helped in the fight and my green card was approved.”
    -Kornelio Nkwei, Deportation Defense