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Immigration Under the Trump Administration

– DACA reinstated, at least temporarily!

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Inmigración Bajo la Administración de Trump

– DACA reinstatado, por lo menos temporalmente

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  • Most people would agree that the immigration process is very ambiguous and complicated. However, Antonini & Cohen really went above and beyond to simplify and explain the process. When my relatively effortless Green Card Lottery case ran into complications such as a lost application, delayed background check and other potentially critical issues, I sought an experienced attorney. The attorneys and staff at Antonini & Cohen made the effort to understand the circumstances of my individual case. Then, they worked extra hard to resolve those issues and meet the filing deadlines. They made sure every minor detail was addressed before filing my petition and they stayed focused throughout the process. I received regular updates on my case so it was not necessary for me to constantly follow-up with them. With their dedication, persistence and hard work, many more doors are open to me and I have countless opportunities ahead. I truly enjoyed working with this devoted group of people. I would recommend Antonini & Cohen to anyone regardless of how simple or complicated the circumstances might be. After all, my situation shows that even a simple case can easily become complicated and require more involvement than expected. And for that, a good attorney is essential.”
    -Nadya Tolshchikova
  • It took me a long time talking with different immigration attorneys before I found Antonini & Cohen. I never imagined that my case would turn out so incredibly well. From my first meeting with Nisha Karnani and Marshall Cohen, I understood that these were the right people to handle my case. They were professional and knowledgeable. I wasn’t sure where to turn or what to do, but Nisha understood and recognized my situation immediately. She walked me through the whole process and explained in detail every aspect of how they were going to work my case. Her professional knowledge, dedication and care really impressed me. Throughout the whole process, Nisha and Marshall’s professionalism was unbelievable. They treated me with great care throughout the process, and they always were informative and helpful. There were days when Marshall spent 5-6 hours in a row with me to put together all the necessary supporting documents. Nisha always took my calls, even when I called at an inconvenient time. Their commitment and hard work really paid off for me. My case was approved in 2006 and, soon after, I received my Green Card. I’m very grateful to this people. I would eagerly recommend them to anyone needing help with immigration.”
    -Katrina K.
  • A friend, who had received his Green Card with Marshall's help, recommended Marshall to me. I was pleased to meet a competent attorney that gave me affordable advice and explained all of my options. Marshall took care of all the applications and procedures involved with my case. He and his associates are knowledgeable, fast, courteous, and efficient. I heartily recommend their services to my friends and prospective clients.”
    -Dr. Jesus Soares
  • Antonini & Cohen was very helpful to me. I needed to meet Marshall in-person only once, because he and his staff took care of everything else. We talked several times on the phone and Marshall forwarded me all the information in a timely manner. Pending immigration matters can cause a lot of stress. However, I felt confident in working with this firm and will work with them again when I file for my U.S. citizenship.”
    -Pierre Aime Penda, Adjustment of Status
  • To date, Marshall still handles my case with commitment and proper professional practice. He is particularly helpful in providing a better understanding of legal and technical information for foreign nationals seeking to reside or work in the U.S. With so much information on the web, in addition to do-it-yourself, there are a growing number of people who do turn to the internet to seek a good immigration attorney. But where there are more choices there is also more room for mistakes and incompetence. A really good immigration attorney is a necessity. Therefore, I would heartily recommend the law firm of Antonini & Cohen.”
    -Farrokh Chothia
  • As an immigrant from Africa trying to adjust his status in the United States, I found that the law firm of Antonini & Cohen is by far the best firm I have dealt with. They not only met my needs, they exceeded it, by treating me not as just another client, but as a member of a family, which is very reassuring.

    I have been dealing with Antonini & Cohen since the beginning of 2003 for all of my Immigration needs. Needless to say it has been a long road but Antonini & Cohen has been there guiding me through the entire ordeal. My Immigration challenges should be coming to an end very soon and I will owe it all the constant help of team Antonini & Cohen.”
    -Floyd Samuels