Curtis Johnson

Immigration Writer

Curtis Johnson works as Antonini & Cohen’s immigration writer, creating the
narrative portion of the waivers presented to immigration courts. Curtis’s job is to
craft a holistic view of clients—making them more than just a number and relaying
the idiosyncrasies of their individual experiences.

Originally from Mobile, Ala., Curtis earned a BA in history from the University of
South Alabama, minoring in anthropology. He studied abroad at the Universidade
Federal de Santa Catarina in Brazil, honing his knowledge of the Portuguese
language. In 2021, he graduated from Yale Divinity School with a Master of Arts in
Religion, concentrating on Latinx Christianity.

During school and his studies, Curtis volunteered as an English as a second language
teacher, participated in the Sahara Service Organization and Habitat for Humanity,
and served as the international education ambassador for his university.

Outside of work, Curtis plays the vibraphone, produces music and is always on the
lookout for a good gig band.

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