Sofia Delgado

Administrative Assistant

Although she was born in Veracruz, Sofia Delgado grew up in Monterrey, Mexico. Here, she graduated with a degree in bilingual education—she is fluent in both Spanish and English. In addition, she earned her master’s in psychology and family counseling.

Sofia also holds two diplomas in ministry. In fact, it was during her three years in Australia while she worked on her advanced diploma in ministry that she met a man from Georgia. They are now husband and wife, which led to her moving to Atlanta in 2014.

Before joining Antonini & Cohen, Sofia worked primarily in the education and ministry fields as well as media and graphic design. She also gained valuable customer service skills while working as a barista and in the restaurant industry.

When Sofia’s not helping clients, she likes to spend her time traveling and volunteering.


  • Bachelor’s in Bilingual Education, Laurens Institute AC
  • Master’s in Psychology & Family Counseling, Instituto de Estudios Superiores para el Desarrollo Integral (IESDI)
  • Diploma in Worship Ministry, Instituto CanZion
  • Advanced Diploma in Ministry, Hillsong International Leadership College
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