Daniela Salgado joined Antonini & Cohen as an administrative assistant in June 2015. She had moved to the United States from her native Honduras in 2011 and was traveling back and forth as she worked on her law degree at the Universidad Tecnológica Centroamericana (UNITEC).

She happened to be watching TV with her mom one day when they saw a commercial for Antonini & Cohen. Daniela checked out the website, applied for the job posting, and soon began her career here. It wasn’t long before she earned a promotion to her current position as a paralegal.

As she considers her future, Daniela plans to pursue another law degree – this time in the US. Once she’s passed the bar exam, she’ll be able to practice law here in her new home country.

When she’s not working intently at Antonini & Cohen, Daniela enjoys relaxing, watching TV, reading, and playing video games – her favorite being Assassin’s Creed. She’s also an avid concertgoer and music fan. With her commute from Roswell, Daniela has plenty of time to listen to heavy metal and 80s tunes. Her favorite concert so far has been Metallica, and she recently saw AFI perform at the Tabernacle in downtown Atlanta.

As a vegetarian, Daniela loves the veggie burgers at BurgerFi and says she couldn’t live without Chipotle. However, she’s still searching for a great authentic Honduran restaurant in Atlanta, which means she cooks a lot for herself.

We’re glad to have you as part of the Antonini & Cohen team, Daniela!

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