On March 18, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) temporarily suspended in-person appointments to help slow the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). This means that the following have been postponed: 

  • Scheduled interviews
  • InfoPass appointments
  • Naturalization ceremonies 
  • Asylum interviews
  • Biometric service appointments 

USCIS plans to begin reopening their offices on June 4 unless public closures are extended. Once normal operations are resumed, USCIS will automatically reschedule biometrics appointments and send out new appointment letters. InfoPass appointments are the only exception and will not be rescheduled. Applicants will have to contact USCIS to obtain a new appointment.  

These closures do not affect your ability to file an application if you have yet to do so, as they are only intended to prevent direct contact for your health and safety. Officers are still able to review and adjudicate applications after the interview stage. Additionally, service centers are still accepting filings. You do not need to delay filing your application due to the suspension of these in-person appointments. Antonini & Cohen is here for you and available via phone or video conference to discuss your filing options. 

To avoid processing delays, USCIS will use previously obtained biometrics to adjudicate applications for extension of employment authorization for individuals applying now or who were scheduled for biometrics after the March 18 closures. 

Due to the precautionary and distancing measures imposed by the federal government, USCIS has temporarily lifted the requirement to submit applications with original signatures. This will help us continue to assist you despite the physical distance and the difficulty of meeting in person. You can provide us a scanned copy or fax of your signed forms, and we will be able to proceed with filing your application, possibly even more expeditiously than before. We will have to retain the original in case USCIS requests it in the future, but your process won’t be delayed awaiting receipt of these originals. Call us so that we can instruct you on the various ways you can submit these electronic versions of your signed forms.

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Kathleen Hoyos
Kathleen Hoyos

Kathleen Hoyos is originally from New York. She was admitted to New York University as a Higher Education Opportunities Program Scholar and graduated in May of 2010 with a dual degree in Romance Languages and Economics. Kathleen is fluent in Spanish, English, French and Italian. Kathleen has worked full-time at Antonini & Cohen as a paralegal since June, 2010 while she pursued her Juris Doctor at Georgia State University. Kathleen received her law degree from Georgia State University in May, 2016 and continues to work at Antonini and Cohen as an associate attorney.

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