When you visit the Antonini & Cohen office, one of the first people you’ll meet is Sasha Mardones, our front desk receptionist.

Sasha was born in Florida and raised in New Jersey, the daughter of immigrant parents from Ecuador and Chile. She has lived in Georgia since 2005 and says she can’t imagine moving back north now.

As with many of our staff, Sasha has closely experienced the challenges of the US immigration system. In Sasha’s case, she has witnessed her sister’s journey in marrying her undocumented Mexican husband. She’s seen how the complex and stressful process has affected her family, including her young nieces.

With her many years of experience in customer service, Sasha has fit right in to the culture here. “At Antonini & Cohen, it’s such a family-oriented environment and a caring atmosphere for everyone that works here as well as the families and individuals that come to us. I enjoy being one of the first people our clients see when they arrive at our office. Everyone brings their unique story, and I love helping to ease the stress of our clients.”

Outside of the office, Sasha is focused on her family. Trips with the kids are a big deal—such as Savannah, Georgia; Florida; Tennessee; and a recent vacation to New York. And when it’s time for lunch out with coworkers, she recommends the carne asada at Pancho’s right next door to the Antonini & Cohen office!

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